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Agarbathi / Incense sticks are spreading fragrances through smoke. According to Indian Mythology, the habit of burning incenses, barks and herbs, form a part of rituals. The soothing fragrance of agarbathi creates a mood of serenity, bringing tranquility and concentration of mind. These incense sticks are ideal during pooja, prayers, spiritual sessions, meditation, yoga and music. Agarbathies are also used in everyday life as air fresheners and to enliven the surroundings. The best fragrant Agarbathi is probably the one, which has a fragrance that is noticeable and characteristic in the packet and smells the same during burning. DATTA IMPEXS Fragrances is a leadinq exporter of quality incense sticks (agarbathies), incense cones, charcoal tablets, dhoop sticks, dhoop powder, frankincense granules, incense holders, perfumed candles and incense oils.

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